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The Top Reasons to Buy New vs. Resale

If you're in the market to buy a home this fall, you're probably wondering should I buy new or resale?  Now that you've picked up New Homes Guide, you can start search with new construction.  In this issue, builders talk about their newest communities and you'll see all of the latest trends in new home styles and designs by the finest builders around.  Since we all know that buying a new home shouldn't be based on good looks alone, we put together a list of why buying NEW makes sense:

 New homes are energy efficient.  They are built to higher energy standards using new construction materials which translate to lower utility bills.

 New homes include the latest technology already built-in saving you time and money.  Alarm systems, internet wiring, cable and speaker systems are a  few things you won't have to worry about.

 New homes have low maintenance.  Every appliance is brand new and the roof and heating/cooling systems often come with builder warranties.

 Take advantage of the tax breaks.  Even if you close on your home in December, you can still deduct property tax and mortgage interest for a whole year.

 New homes have design elements that your lifestyle demands. You choose the cabinets, floors, counters, colors and finishes - every detail.

 Your home isn't just your house.  It's the neighborhood around you.  Many new communities have every possible amenity, such as swimming pools, clubhouses, walking trails and fitness centers to name a few.  Check out our Planned Community Lifestyle section on 232.

And, to keep you up to date on alternative ways to shop for your new home, we have included an article by Michele Lerner, a real estate writer, who talks about the latest 3D technology which many builders have already started using.  Take a look at Using Virtual Reality to Shop for your New Home on page 20 to see how this fun technology is being used in the home shopping process.  

I hope you enjoy this issue as well as our Move-In Ready Guide and Planned Community supplements.


Cindy Nairn, Publisher
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